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What is Uber Fastlane PDVL

With the introduction of the Private Driver Vocational Licence (PDVL) looming, Uber has introduced the FastLane Programme for all its driver.

FastLane is your express pass to applying for the PDVL quickly, simply and at zero cost.

What I need to do ?

Register through FastLane to prepare yourself for the PDVL.
NOTE – Do note that LTA will allow drivers to apply for the PDVL through only one private hire car operator, and that duplicate submissions through multiple operators will result in delayed processing of your application.

What do I need ?

Photograph with white background (Same standards as your NRIC/Passport photo)
Driving Licence details
NRIC details
Personal details such as mobile number, home number, residential address

Do I qualify for a PDVL licence ?

  • Hold a valid Class 3 or 3A Singapore driving license for a continuous period of two years at the point of application for PDVL;
  • Be able to speak and read simple English;
  • Be an employee with a Chauffeured Services Company if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) /Work Permit Holder (with ‘Chauffeur’ as a vocation on your pass).

If you are holding a valid Taxi Driver Vocational Licence (TDVL), you are not required to register.
LTA allows you to continue driving a private hire car with your TDVL.

What is expected to come

  • Other ride-hailing operator has started their registration process for private car drivers and offered FREE medical check-up. Uber is expected to follow suit and arrange for its drivers to undergo check-up.Medical certification to be fit for driving would likely be a process that all applicants for the PDVL have to undergo, similar to that of all taxi drivers in Singapore.Understand about Uber vs Grab, who pays better to driver and Driver Car Rental OptionsRead up more on how to use the Uber Driver partner mobile appStay tune with Firstlane as we keep you updated with the latest update on the Private Driver Vocational Licence (PDVL)