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Who is driving our sky-high COE and would it go higher?

In Singapore, COE prices have recently surged to record highs, stirring concerns and debates about car ownership accessibility and their broader impact on the nation's transportation and urban development. The recent October bidding for COE saw Category A hit $106,000 and Category B hit $150,001. These mark a new high for both categories. Who is driving our COE? In a recent parliament discussion,...

Grab to change driver commission scheme – For better or for Worse?

 Grab is rolling out changes to how they compensate their drivers. These adjustments, set to take effect on November 14, come as a response to drivers' feedback, particularly concerning the challenge of picking up passengers from distant locations. The aim is to address this issue and improve driver satisfaction in the context of an ongoing driver shortage in the...

How to earn more driving Private Hire in 2023

Ten years have passed since the birth of private-hire services in Singapore back in 2013. Times have changed, and private-hire drivers are facing new challenges. In the early days, drivers could earn big bucks, sometimes even five figures a month, thanks to high demand, surging fares, and attractive incentives. However, the landscape has shifted. Today, drivers are taking home less...

Commercial Motor Car Insurance & Z10 for Gojek/Grab

Car Insurance
Do you know that not all companies provide Z10 commercial coverage for Go-Jek/Grab usage and premiums prices vary greatly among different insurers? At Firstlane, our mission is to help drivers like you easily navigate the world of insurance, get the best rates, and start driving with confidence using your own car. By partnering with leading insurance providers, we've simplified the way...

Ride-Hailing Rivals: They tried to challenge Grab in Singapore!

Step into the fascinating world of Singapore's ride-hailing scene! While Grab reigned supreme, formidable rivals sought to challenge it. Learn about these challengers who decided to take on Grab before and after Uber's departure. Join us as we rekindle the memories of these underdogs in the ride-hailing race! Jugnoo Jugnoo was founded in 2014 and hails from India. It operates auto-rickshaws on demand...

What is GrabCar Premium

Interior of a Luxury Car
GrabCar Premium is a premium service by Grab to cater to passengers seeking comfort, boasting spacious interiors and plush seating. Vehicles in the GrabCar Premium service are generally mid to large-sized cars from luxury car brands. FAQs about GrabCar Premium How Do I Become a GrabCar Premium Driver? Grab Driver-Partners with eligible vehicle models will have the Service Type automatically added to their...

What is GrabExec

Luxury Sedan Car
GrabExec is a premium car service that offers passengers a luxurious and comfortable travel experience. It offers passengers a first-class ride experience of comfort, style and amenities like tissues, a 3-in-1 charging cable, and an umbrella are provided for added convenience. GrabExec is currently available only in the East, North-East, Central, and West regions of Singapore. List of eligible cars for GrabExec Vehicle...

LTA investigating 3 motorists for offering illegal carpooling services.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) booked and impounded the vehicles of two car drivers and a motorcyclist during an enforcement operation conducted earlier in May. On Tuesday, LTA announced in a Facebook post that they targeted motorists who offer illegal carpooling and motorcycle-pooling services during the operations. The three vehicles shared by LTA showed it was a Volkswagen with carbon fibre...

Grab to more than double platform fee

Starting from 5th May (Friday), Private hire platform Grab will more than double its platform fee from $0.30 to $0.70 for each ride. The increase is applicable to all grab transport types and will bring grab platform fee closer to its competitor ride hailing platforms Comparing other platform's platform fee, Gojek is already charging $0.70. Tada has 2 tiers of...

Best Cars for PHV Gojek/Grab to Increase Earnings

Best Cars for PHV Gojek/Grab
Based on Statista, There are more than 73,000 private-hire vehicles on the road. This is since the inception of Uber, Grab, Gojek into the Singapore market in 2013. The number is so huge that it outnumbers traditional taxi by 1 to 5 times, Private-hire vs Taxi, which is better? With so many private-hire vehicles on the road, which is the...
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