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What is UberPets car booking service

UberPet is a new ride-booking service from Uber to cater to riders who are travelling with their beloved pets.

Riders no longer have no worry that they will be no thanks or cancelled by drivers who are not willing to transport pets.

The new service will commence in Singapore on 20 October 2017

What is UberPet’s fare like

Riders who book the UberPet service will only pay a $2 booking fee on top of usual UberX fares. Uber will waive all booking fee on UberPet until the end of 2017. The promotion is automatic and riders do not have to key in any promo code.

Rules of using UberPets

2 to Go – All UberPet trip request must include a pet on board and all pets must be accompanied by a rider. Driver should not do delivery of just rider or just pets on a UberPet trip.

UberPet not UberSafari – Only household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds and fishes are allowed. The driver can choose not to ferry riders who bring a cobra, elephant or crocodile as a pet. Riders are advised to bring only 1 pet and not a group of them. However driver can exercise own discretion to take more than 1 pet

Sit down! – Riders are encouraged to keep their pets on a leash or in their carrier throughout the trip so that the pet will not kick the driver seat or pull the driver’s hair, in turn, endanger human lives in the vehicle.

No pet insurance – Although UberPets is made for animals, they are not covered by insurance on a UberPet trip. Always make sure the animal is seated securely and no running about like small brats.

Hold your fire – Pets better think twice before they decide to take a dump or pee in the vehicle. Any undue surprise will incur a hefty cleaning bill. Riders are responsible to pick up the tab if their pets unload themselves in the vehicle or decide to bite a hole on the seat.

Similar to all uber services, its Wait time fee and Cancellation fee applies