Uber testing No-Thanks feature in Singapore

Uber is testing out a new feature named the “No Thanks” for Uber Partners in Singapore. Many Drivers have feedback that they have been seen this function appearing since the last week of September 2017.

What is the “No Thanks” feature about?

Most Drivers find it annoying to hear the incoming trip request beep for 15 seconds on their driver Partner app, especially when they do not have the intention to accept the trip. Uber has come out with a solution to spare your ears of the torture. They are testing a new “No Thanks” feature that allows Drivers to reject the call outright instead of letting the Driver app ring for a full 15 seconds.

The “No Thanks” feature is placed at the top left-hand corner of the Driver App and will only appear when there is an incoming trip request.

image- wikihow

Why this feature?

Uber has been actively making changes to the system to make life easier for their Drivers. The “No Thanks” features come shortly after the long trip feature where Drivers are informed upfront of trips that may take more than 30 minutes.

Uber also removed Acceptance Ratings (AR) requirement to qualify for weekly incentives. See also the 4 changes to help Drivers.

The new feature is beneficial to both Drivers and Riders. Uber Drivers are given the choice to outright reject the call instead of letting the trip request timeout or accept then cancel the call. Many riders have experienced how quickly their trip requests have been accepted before being cancelled by the Driver immediately.

With the new feature, Uber Riders are able to get a car faster than before. Instead of waiting for each Driver to let the trip request timeout, drivers can click on No Thanks and the call will be routed to the next nearest available Driver.

Testing Mode

Many drivers observed over the past few days that the No Thanks feature does not appear on every trip request. It is still likely to be in development stages and may take some time to be fully functional. Stay tuned for updates.

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