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What is Uber Wait Time Fee and how it works

Starting 4 October 2017, riders will be charged for waiting time.

The waiting time afforded to riders will be reduced to 3 minutes on all UberX, UberXL, Executive and ExecLarge trips. UberPool, UberCarSEAT and UberAssist are still not eligible.

How does it work

When Driver is approaching the rider’s pickup point, the Uber app will prompt the rider that the driver is arriving now. Once the Uber Driver reached the pick-up point, the in-app count-down timer will begin to time.

Once the Driver has waited for more than 3 minutes, a message will appear “Charging for wait time”. Waiting time is charged from 3minutes onwards until the rider arrives and Driver slides on Start Trip. Waiting time fees is chargeable at $0.20 per minute and is subjected to Uber service fee. Wait time fees will be subjected to the prevailing surge that rider accepted.

What about No-Show Cancellation Fee

Drivers will still be eligible for Uber Cancellation Fee if they cancel the trip after 5 minutes due to rider no-show.

Chey! $0.20 per minute only!

Indeed, the new Uber Wait Time Fee of $0.20 per minute is nothing to shout out for. $0.20 these days can only buy you a single entrance ticket to a public toilet. However, having something is always better than nothing. You just need to compare the cancellation policy by Grabto appreciate what Uber is doing for you.

Uber has launched many new initiatives in the past few months to make driving less stressful for Drivers. Uber lets you know upfront if the trip is going to be a long trip by adding a Long Trip Feature notification when the incoming trip comes in. They also let Drivers be free to choose what trip to accept and removed acceptance ratings for incentives. Drivers are also given the option of saying No to trips upfront with the No Thanks feature.

Every cent count in driving private-hire these days!

Information source – Uber Singapore