Self-Employed Persons are notified of unsuccessful SIRS Applications

The first payout of $3,000 for the Self-employed Income Relief Scheme has been paid out to over 117,000 self-employed persons.

Successful recipients should have received the payout in the bank from Wednesday 27 May 2020.

A total of $360 million has been disbursed in the first payout of the SIRS Scheme.

Two more subsequent payouts will be made in July and October 2020.

What is the SIRS scheme

The Self-Employed Person Relief Scheme (SIRS) is part of the Resilience Budget to help small business and self-employed people. The scheme will disburse 3 cash payout of $3000 each, in May, July and October 2020 to those who qualified.

You can learn how to apply for SIRS scheme.

Those who miss out narrowly on the qualifying criteria may submit an appeal.

Are you eligible and do you auto-qualify?

How to apply for SIRS
image – NTUC

SIRS Application Rejected

While more than 100,000 people can breathe a sigh of relief for receiving the SIRS payout, others have received notifications of unsuccessful applications.

In the email from NTUC SIRS, it merely states that the application is unsuccessful as the applicant do not meet the eligibility criteria. It did not state which criteria were not met.

It provided links to other assistance programmes that the government has in place that the applicant can consider e.g. like the NTUC Care Fund (COVID-19) up to $300.

Appeal for SIRS Scheme

If you have trouble with applying for SIRS scheme, you can contact their hotline number for help with your application. It could be a matter of submitting insufficient or wrong documents during your application instead of being ineligible.

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