Using mobile devices while driving

Using Mobile Devices while driving
Using Mobile Devices while driving

From 1 February 2016, there are new traffic law with regards to using of mobile devices while driving. Previously, only texting and calling were illegal.

Summary of new changes

1. Holding of ANY form of mobile communication devices while driving is an offence.

Mobile devices are any form of hand-held device that is capable of communications. That include mobile phones, mobile tablets and walkie-talkie.

2. Using of mobile devices for any purpose such as to surf the web and access social media platform is illegal as long as the car is in motion.

3. You will be allowed to use your mobile devices If the mobile device is mounted to the dashboard or holder.


First time – Fine up to $1000 and/or jail up to 6 months

Repeat offenders – Fine up to $2000 and/or jail up to 12 months

Best practice for Uber and Grab Drivers

1. Always have your device mounted. It is an offence to have your mobile device in your hand as long as your car is moving

2. Have your bluebooth or ear piece connected to take and make calls to riders

3. If you need to reply a SMS, stop at a safe place, turn on your hazard lights then reply.

Uber and Grab drivers like us make money through many hours of hard work everyday. Do not donate your earnings away !


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