what is Amazon Flex Freelance Delivery Partner

Delivery man
Delivery man

Through their new Amazon Flex initiative, regular people can sign up to deliver packages on Amazon’s behalf as independent contractors. Individuals in Singapore can join up for Amazon Flex to make deliveries in their own cars.

When you sign up to be an Amazon Flex Singapore delivery partner, you’ll have the freedom to set your own hours and delivery blocks, which are usually between two and four hours long. The Amazon Flex app is how you’ll get your delivery instructions and monitor your progress.

Supplement your income by delivering packages for Amazon Flex if you have downtime during the week or on the weekend.

However, there are some prerequisites to being a delivery partner, like possessing a driver’s license and completing a background check.

Quick and simple sign-up process for Amazon flex, including access to Amazon’s training and support resources for a smooth launch.

Opportunities for delivery are in abundance in Singapore for Amazon Flex delivery partners due to Amazon’s extensive delivery infrastructure and customer base. An alternative you can consider on top of Private hire

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