Fake news: 3/4 Fuel Tank Scanning Machine at Tuas Checkpoint

In a message circulating in whatsapp, it says there is a new scanning machine to enforce the 3/4 tank rule at the Tuas checkpoint to Malaysia.

It is believed from the second image, someone has been fine due to this new enforcement method and been fined a $100 even thought its stated Woodlands but widely believed to be in Tuas checkpoint.

All Image credit- Whatsapp

As seen from the picture, the new process has a 3 steps.

Users would need to alight, declare the goods and scan all your travel documents.

It is believed this scanning machine is only on trial at Tuas checkpoint, to enforce and check the large amount of vehicles passing through the checkpoint.

However, This is not a Fuel Scanning Machine!

As reported by channelnewsasia, it is a prototype of automatic Passenger in-car Clearance with fingerprint thats why we see the 3 steps process in the picture. ICA also advised the public not to spread unverified sources of information.

Even thought this is not a fuel tank scanner, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our drivers in our community not to commit the offence to leave singapore with less than 3/4 tank as you could be fined up to S$500.

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