Gojek launches new GoTaxi Taxi Booking Service

Gojek Singapore has announced the launch of GoTaxi service. The new feature will allow riders to book taxis directly from the Gojek mobile app.

GoTaxi trips will run on a metered fare instead of a fixed fare. Riders will be able to see an estimated fare at the time of booking.

Gojek said that the launch of GoTaxi will complement GoCar and gives riders more choices. Riders will be able to choose between Gojek private-hire service and GoTaxi taxi service. Having more drivers and vehicles on board the Gojek platform will allow riders to enjoy greater ride availability and reduce waiting time.

image – Gojek

Gojek highlighted the benefit of having the GoTaxi option on their website. By having the taxi option on its platform, commuters with small children below 1.35m can book with ease as taxis are exempted from the booster seat or child restraint rules. They do not have to pay any booster seat premium that is often charged on private-hire car service. The GoTaxi service will be wheelchair-friendly as taxis are equipped to be able to store wheelchairs when they are folded and closed.

Great News for Taxi Drivers

The biggest beneficiary of the new GoTaxi service will undoubtedly be taxi drivers. Gojek taxi drivers will have more job options with new metered fare jobs via GoTaxi. This is on top of the fixed fare jobs that they are also able to receive via the GoCar service.

Taxi drivers on the Gojek platform will also be entitled to driver benefits like fuel rebates, earning protection insurance and subsidised health services.

More competition for Private-Hire Drivers

Private-hire drivers should not be surprised by Gojek decision to launch the GoTaxi service. It was more of a matter of time than will it happen. It will get more challenging so learn how to adopt best practices to earn more driving private hire in 2021.

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