COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF) payout from Jan to Jun 2021

Taxi and Private-hire drivers will receive additional financial support from the Government to alleviate the impact to their business due to the pandemic.

The additional support will be named Covid-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF). Under the initiative, taxi and private-hire drivers can get up to $600 per vehicle per month ($20/day) between January to March 2021. The CDRF will be lowered to $450 per vehicle per month ($15/day) between April to June 2021.

Covid-19 Driver Relief Fund
Image source – Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA)

The CDRF will minimise the impact of the end of Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) that was introduced to help drivers in 2020. Under the SIRS scheme, eligible drivers received $3,000 in the months of May, July and October 2020.

First Payout of CDRF

Many drivers have been asking and speculating when will the payout be. Grab has announced that their drivers will receive the first payment tranche on 25-January-2021.

Eligibility to receive Covid-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF)

The CDRF will replace the Special Relief Fund (SRF). Drivers who were already eligible for the SRF will automatically be transitioned to the CDRF from January 2021.

Drivers who do not qualify for the CDRF may apply for the Covid-19 Recovery Grant (CRG) if they meet its criteria.

The payout will be based on per vehicle per month. Eligible private-hire car drivers who are sharing vehicles with other eligible drivers will share the payment equally.

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