Best Cars for Uber/ Grab to Increase Earnings

There are more than 41000 private-hire vehicles on the road, an increase of nearly 70 folds over past 4 years.

This is since the inception of Uber and Grab into the Singapore market in 2013.

The number is so huge that it outnumbers traditional taxi by 1 to 1.5 times, Private-hire vs Taxi, which is better? With so many private-hire vehicles on the road, which is the best choice of vehicle?

The Electric Car

Fuel consumption – Relies purely on battery charging. A full charge from empty takes almost 2 hours and has a range of 400km

Who should drive this – Full-time private-hire drivers who drive at least 180 trips a week, HDT taxi is using such platform.

Pros –

  • Zero petrol cost
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • New cars

Cons –

  • Charging time can take up to 2 hours for a full charge
  • Limited charging points
  • Almost all electric cars are pasted with Uber/Grab decal so you are as visible as a Taxi
image credit – HDT GrabCar

The Hybrid Machine

Average Fuel consumption – 20km/l to 25km/l

Who should drive this – Full-time private-hire drivers who drive at least 180 trips a week


Fuel efficient = Save money on petrol

New car


  • High rental cost as a result of sky-high demand from Drivers

What cars are in this category – Toyota Prius. Honda Shuttle hybrid, Honda Vezel Hybrid, Toyota Axio Hybrid, Honda Grace Hybrid

The Unfair Advantage of being Big

Average Fuel consumption – 10km/L to 12km/L

Who should drive this – Part-time/ Full-time Drivers focused more on fare than incentives

Pros –

  • Advantage of receiving higher fares from UberXL, 6seaterEconomy, 6seaterFamily trip requests
  • More trips request than standard 4-seaters
  • Comfort creature – No need to squeeze when you have a full house UberPool or GrabShare trip

Cons –

  • Not as fuel-efficient as the Hybrids and compact cars

Cars in this category – Toyota Wish, Honda Stream, Honda Crossroad, Toyota Sienta,

Old-School Fuel Efficient Machine

Average Fuel consumption – 13km/l to 16km/l

Who should drive this – Drivers who drive up to 80 trips a week

Pros –

  • Affordable rental
  • Easy to drive

Cons –

  • Older cars
  • Limited cabin space

Cars in this category – Honda Jaz/Fit, Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi Attrage

The odd kid on the block

Average Fuel consumption – 16km/l to 18km/l

Who should drive this – Full-time private-hire drivers who drive at least 180 trips a week

Pros –

  • Above average fuel consumption
  • Powerful engine
  • Cheap diesel cost
  • New car

Cons –

  • Higher rental cost
  • Limited units in the market

Cars in this category – Ssanyong Tivoli, Opel Mokka, Seat Toledo

Confused on what car to drive? see what are the most popular cars that Uber/Grab Drivers are driving in Singapore. If you are a new driver, do familiarize yourself with the Uber driver partner app