F1 Singapore 2016 Uber Driver’s Guide

The Singapore F1 GrandPrix Weekend 2016 is back in town this week. There will be full of actions , fast cars and famous people in town this weekend.

Uber has listed a few pickup point options to make life easier for both riders and drivers as there will be plenty of road closures and diversions. Riders will select the nearest Gate Number on the app and there will be 1 to 2 pick-up locations for them to choose from. Once the request is accepted, the driver will meet the rider at the selected pick-up point.

Here are the pick-up locations for this F1 weekend 2016.

   Image source – Uber

Demand will be off the roof and expect surge pricing. Plan your route before well so you can maximise your earnings this F1 weekend 2016.

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image source – singaporegp.sg

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