Drive took me on a “Uber-Share” trip !

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My First UberShare Trip 

I booked a UberPool trip this afternoon from B.Panjang to go home from work. A young Uber driver in a white Honda Vezel picked me up within 3 minutes. i was impressed that a Uber car can appear in this no-man-land in such short time.

I was heading towards home when I heard a beeping sound from the Driver’s phone.

Driver – “Hi Miss, We have a match and I’m going to pick up the second rider at Bukit Panjang”.

Me – “Sure” I thought to myself today must be my “lucky” day, rarely got matched on UberPool trips during these hours.

So the driver drove to pick up the second rider at Bukit Panjang. When the Uber Driver arrived, the rider was nowhere to be seen. The driver called the second rider and was told that she is coming down in 2 minutes.

I waited for almost 5 minutes before a heavily pregnant lady stepped into the car. She repeated ‘sorry, sorry’ to me and the driver for making us wait. Being a mum to a 1 year old child myself, I can totally empathise with her on how difficult is it to walk with a big stomach alone. All the impatience accumulated while waiting for her disappeared immediately.

I started to make small talks with her on her soon to be born child and shared with her some of my recent experience on pregnancy.

Pregnant Lady – “Thank God now got GrabShare help me save on my taxi spending. If not how to afford to take GrabCar/Taxi everyday”.

Me – “Yah lor, somemore today Friday all the prices sure very high for Uber”.

Pregnant Lady – “Luckily Grab keep giving promo code, you got use today promo code got $4 for GrabShare”

Me – “I seldom use Grab one, Sungei Kadut very hard to get a GrabCar every time I try. U got promo code then how come you still take UberPool? Still cheaper than GrabShare?”

Pregnant Lady – “No ah, I’m using GrabShare ah”

She took out her phone and showed me the Grab app which showed she is on trip. At this point I was stunned and showed her my phone that showed I was on Uberpool trip.

Me – “Hello, how come I am on UberPool and she on GrabShare ah, did you pick up the right rider correctly anot ?” i asked the Driver.

Driver –  “Oh sorry ah Miss, just now I forgot  I was on UberPool then accidentally took the trip request on Grab when I saw the destination is on the way. I forgot to go offline. Grab cannot cancel if not they will penalise me, Sorry la careless mistake”

At this point, I was reaching my house and decided to just alight instead of debating with him.

When I reached home, I told my hubby what happened. He is also a UG Driver himself and he laughed his ass off when he heard what stunts this driver had just pulled on us. He told me to share the story for ‘educational’ purposes. I warned him better don’t do this to others!

I thought that this UberShare driver was very unprofessional. Although there wasn’t really any losses or damage, this type of unprofessional stunt should not be condoned.
Riders should check their phone if they have been matched with another rider.


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