Grab Waiting Time and Additional Stop Surcharges

Still thinking whether you can punish the rider with a surcharge for making you wait but worried that you will get called up for coffee with Grab IO (Investigation Officer)? Grab has answers to some of the common misconceptions on waiting time and additional stop surcharges.

Can I charge waiting-time charges on a multi-stop or additional stop trip?

Yes, you can.

Riders are allowed a grace period of 5 minutes, after which drivers are allowed to impose a $3 waiting time charge. The waiting time charge is calculated based on 5 minutes blocks. Waiting time 5.01mins to 10mins – $3, 10.01 min to 15mins – $6. Waiting time surcharges are only applicable to fixed-fare booking trip like JustGrab.

Can I charge my GrabShare rider for waiting-time?

This is a very controversial situation where many drivers have just ‘humtum’ their own answers when discussed.

This is Grab’s official response for the record.

You are not allowed to charge rider a waiting time charge of $3 as the waiting time for GrabShare is 3 minutes only. On a matched trip, drivers are advised to cancel the trip using ‘passenger no-show’ after 3 minutes of wait. The purpose is not to inconvenient other passenger on sharing the trip.

However, if the trip is an unmatched GrabShare trip, you can charge the rider if you decide to wait more than 5 minutes for the rider. A $3 waiting time fee can be charged on the GrabShare rider after 5 minutes of wait on unmatched trips.

In short, drivers can charge GrabShare rider a waiting time surcharge if it is an unmatched trip and the drivers have waited more than 5 minutes. The rider requested in the note for pick-up or drop-off at level 6 of a ramp-up factory building. Can I add an additional stop surcharge of $5 for the additional distance travelled from the entrance of the carpark to level 6? 

Drivers are not allowed to impose an additional stop surcharge for pick-up or drop off on different levels of the building.

However, the additional stop can be applied if the rider requests for an additional stop. For example, you pick rider on the ground floor and drove upstairs to another level to pick-up another rider, the additional stop surcharge can be charged.

This surcharge can only be applied to fixed-fare bookings e.g JustGrab.

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