GrabCar Driver send lawyer letter to Grab for unpaid earnings

It may be the first in Singapore.

A GrabCar Driver has instructed his lawyers to recover unpaid earning of $820.60 from Grab.

Drivers account of story

My acc was suspended on 19 Apr 2017. I called up Grab when I was unable to log into my acc and was told of that my acc has been suspended. Ask for the reason why till now I still didn’t get the answer. 5 emails 1 reply just to acknowledge receive my email. Calls were not answered and was told to go back and wait for SMS when I go down to IO office.

When he did not get an answer from Grab, he seek help from the Law Minister K. Shanmugam and also cc Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

How can tahan? After 1 month I took the next step and sought help through proper channels. FYI, the channels I’ve gone through are as the followings in sequence. (1) CASE (2) Small Claim Tribunals (3)Community Justice Court…a 20 mins session with a lawyer (4) Minister For Law (5) Lawyer Demand Letter.

I asked the Law Minister for justification on Grab’s act whether is there any such law that is protecting them on doing such thing and that I would rest my case should there be such a law. However, my question was not answered in the reply but rather I was given alternative means to get my answer.

Why the lawyer letter for a small amount ?

I just can’t take the way how Grab belittled me. Win or lose is secondary to me. What’s important to me is that I stood up for my right and fight for it. If I were bow out at this stage and concede defeat, I’m satisfied for at least going to war, rather than sitting down quietly letting Grab having a free stampede on me.

And the Private-Hire community are offering to help fund his case against Grab !

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