GrabShare lady driver taught couple a lesson

6 March 2017

A GrabShare lady driver taught this young Singaporean couple a lesson.


As narrated by GrabCar Driver Cassandra on Facebook


I just irked 2 passengers to the max and I am laughing about it.

Shared Bedok from T2.
Arrived to a Singaporean couple in their late 20s probably, with a trolley full of luggages. 3 large and 5 small + 2 backpacks.

When I stopped, I had opened the boot. They promptly took their backpacks and got in the backseat of my car, settling down and looking at their phones.

So I confirmed with them their dropoff address which they said “Yes”. I then asked them about their bags, to which the man said….”you the driver right? Put in for us la”.
Of which, I told him that I am a driver, not a porter.
He repeated: “YOU are the driver so you do it la”.

I put my car in “park”, got out of the car, closed the boot, got back in and drove off.

(Too engrossed on their phones)
Not immediately but after fully exiting the terminal….
Then they were like “Eh!!! Our bags! Why you never put our bags in?”

I replied:
“Excuse me! I am a driver, not a porter. Your $12 ride only pays for me to bring you to your destination, not be your porter. I already opened the boot for you to put in.
Now we have to go to the other terminal to pick another passenger.”


“Turn back now. We need to get our bags.”

Me: ok. It will be an extra $5 charge for an extra stop. But this is a Shared ride so I cannot make extra stops.

Man started scolding vulgarities.

Me: You either ask nicely, treat me with respect or I will just drop you off right here now.
(At the big U-turn back to the terminals, in the middle of ECP).

Man: Go back to our bags now and I will cancel and you lose your trip, and complain.

Me: (still heading to the next passenger)
Doesn’t matter to me. Be my guest. Once again, I remind you. Calm yourself, be nice and respect.

(2nd passenger cancels the booking)

Man: Ok. Will you go back to the bags now!


Try again, 1 important word missing.

Woman(nudges the man whispering): Please

Man(grunting): Please!

I head back to their terminal, drop them off where their bags had been sitting on the trolley for 10 mins with a policeman next to it.
I told them that I will not be charging them for the ride and to rebook….with a message.
“Be nice to your next driver. We are drivers, not porters. We do it out of goodwill, not by orders or assumptions. Treat us with respect!”

Needlessly to say, I got a call from office 2 hours later and a 1-star rating obviously!

Grabshare driver
image – giphy


Well done Cassandra ! We support you !

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