HDT Taxi Driver – babysitter, courier and pet transporter

HDT Concierge service
image credit - HDT Facebook


HDT Taxi, Singapore’s first taxi operator with a full fleet of electric cars, has launched a new service that is the first of its kind again. They are also the only taxi company that pays all their drivers a basic salary with CPF contributions.

They have launched their HDT Concierge Service to help people run their errands.

HDT Concierge service
image credit – HDT Facebook

 Some of the concierge services shown include

  • Administrative and Commercial Errands –
    What could it be – Delivering documents and parcels personally for you
  • Medical Services – 
    What could it be – Sending your handicapped / injured family members to medical appointments
  • Personalized Services – 
    What could it be – Helping your mistress wife with shopping bags or groceries
  • Pet services – 
    What could it be – Sending and picking up your precious pet to and from grooming
  • Kids Care Services – 
    What could it be – Sending your kids for piano, taekwondo, and enrichment
  • Other special requests
    What could it be – Up to your own imagination
image credit – HDT Facebook

Rates – 

First and Second hours – $48/ hour
Third to Fifth hour          – $43 /hour
Sixth hour onwards        – $38 /hour

First Timer Promotion 

Download and register via QR Code and get $5 off. Refer a friend and get $5 off too.

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