JustGrab goes live and takes on Taxi

image credit - Grab

JustGrab has gone live in Singapore!

Channel NewsAsia decided to do a test and review the newly launched service.

One reporter will be attempting to flag down a cab while the other will use JustGrab to book a ride.

Both of them set off from Raffles Place during the evening peak hour.

Difference between JustGrab and Flagdown Taxi

Waiting Time

JustGrab – Like a vending machine, it was confirmed in seconds and arrived in 6 mins.

Flagdown Taxi – Waited 30 minutes to get into a cab

Fare Comparison between JustGrab and Flagdown Taxi

taxi vs justgrab
image credit – CNA

Firstlane thoughts

There are always people who are able and willing to pay more to get things first.
If you can’t wait, you can pay and go first.
If you cant pay, you can wait first.

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