Mr Brown hilarious review of his private-hire experience!

The blogfather of Singapore Mr Brown recently tried Singapore’s own private-hire service and did an interesting review of his experience.

On Carpooling

He tried booking carpooling service many times (UberPool or GrabShare) but nobody wanted to accept his booking. “I got shower what, how come nobody wants to take my booking

“Like that is call Bus le” 

Mr Brown also shared an interesting experience that his friend had encountered. His friend booked a carpooling trip from Science Park to Orchard Road and the journey took a whopping 1 hour and 50 minutes. He claimed the driver keep picking people up and dropping people off.

On Waiting for Driver

When he decided to give up on booking ‘share-share’ rides, he booked the non-sharing service (UberX or JustGrab) and his trip request was immediately accepted by Driver. However, he was also not so happy as he had to wait for 8 minutes for the driver to drop off the current rider first before picking him up. Being Mr Nice customer, he decided to wait but the driver suddenly cancelled on him after making him wait for 5 minutes!

On the New Bird Driver

Some Drivers don’t know the way only know how to use GPS while some Drivers ‘lagi jialat‘ – Dont know the way and don’t know how to use GPS.

I stay far far away from when I see the private-hire sticker because half the time they are staring on the phone and not on the road leh!”

Mr Brown ends off with a beautiful piece of advice for all Drivers! Be a Lao Jiao, dont be a KKJ!

The Truth Hurts

As much as we hate to agree with him on most of the stuff, we can’t help but laugh at how brutally true are some of his findings on the private-hire system in Singapore.

To Mr Brown, maybe it is time to take some pomelo leaves to shower so that you will get a better driver the next time!

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