Print receipt for passenger or face a $50 fine

It is now compulsory for Taxi-Drivers to print a receipt for passengers even if they did not ask for it. All street-hail passengers and those who book their ride by phone must be issued a receipt.

Passengers who book their taxis through mobile applications will continue to be issued electronic receipts and will not need to be issued a physical one.

Contact Tracing Effort

The Straits Times reported that the rule has kicked in on 11 June 2020. The implementation of the rule is to facilitate contact tracing efforts during this pandemic.

LTA mentioned the rule is to complement the installation of SafeEntry QR codes in taxis, to cater to passengers who are unable to scan the codes.

Passengers are “strongly encouraged” by LTA to keep the receipts for at least 14 days.

Why make life so tough for Drivers

Driving for a living during this period has been very tough for many private-hire and taxi-drivers. The massive decrease in ridership demands has hit their livelihood badly.

The stringent criteria of the SIRS scheme have also caused some of the drivers to be ineligible for the $9,000. Grab has also announced its latest Grab Incentive program that significantly reduced the incentives.

Is there really a need to impose a further $50 fine on taxi-drivers for just a receipt? Surely you can come up with better measures than this. Since it takes 2 hands to clap, shouldn’t the passenger be fined also if they are unable to produce the receipt when called upon

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