Private-Hire Drivers share their earnings on day 1 of phase 2

Good things must share as some private-hire drivers shared their much improved 1st-day earnings on phase 2.

The start of phase 2 began last Friday 19 June 2020. Most businesses were allowed to resume and the gates were open for Singaporeans to head out again. Huge crowds were observed in public places and malls as people could gather again after 2 months of staying home during the circuit breaker.

With more people heading out, it represented a greater demand for rides.

Big Earnings on Day 1

image – Firstlane reader

Drivers were able to achieve significantly more on day 1 of phase 2. It was helped by the fact that it was a Friday and was raining for most of the day.

image – Firstlane reader

Drivers also were delighted that they saw surge pricing fares, something that they have not seen in the longest time.

image – Firstlane reader

Drew the ire of some drivers

The sharing of good fares on day 1 did not go down well with many drivers. Many were worried that sharing of these high fares will have repercussions.

image – Firstlane reader

They were worried that by showing high earnings, it would alert other parties like car rental companies to increase their rental prices and Grab to introduce new patterns.

Grab had recently introduced their new incentive scheme for selected drivers.

A private-hire driver we spoke with was also worried that it might indirectly affect his chances of getting the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) since business is back to normal. Many drivers have yet to receive their SIRS payout due to incomplete documentation and marginally missing out one of the criteria.

Drive Safe

Having more trips is always better for the wallet and it is something drivers have missed. However, more trips also represent greater risks as more people will board your car. Always remember to keep your vehicle clean and sanitize frequently. Stay safe!

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