Public parking rates to increase from December after first revision in 14 years

Carpark rates to increase 10 – 20 cents per half hour. Season parking to increase between $15 – $30

For the first time in 14 years, public car park rates in Singapore will increase come December 2016. 

For public car parks outside of the restricted zone or outside designated areas close to the restricted zone, the parking charge will be raised by S$0.10 from S$0.50 to S$0.60 per half hour. 

For public car parks within the restricted zone or within designated areas close to the restricted zone, the parking charge will increase by S$0.20 from S$1 to S$1.20 per half hour. This includes areas such as the CBD, Orchard, Outram and Rochor.

HDB and URA Public Carpark Fees

From Dec 1, 2016, motorists using public car parks will have to purchase new coupons with the revised rates. The coupons will be available for sale at HDB Branches and Service Centres, the URA Centre and coupon agents such as all petrol stations and 7-11 outlets from early October.

Old coupons can also be exchanged for the new ones from October onward by topping up the difference.

Season parking rates in HDB car parks will go up as well, with non-residents and those applying for season parking for a second or subsequent car paying more.


For residents’ first parking lot, the season parking fee will increase by S$15 for surface car parks from S$65 to S$80 per month, and by S$20 for sheltered car parks from S$90 to S$110 per month.

For non-residents and residents getting season parking for a second and subsequent car, the fee will increase by S$25 for surface car parks to S$90 per month and by S$30 for sheltered car parks to S$120 per month.

HDB Season Parking Fees


URA Season Parking Fees

Other fee adjustments

HDB, which manages about 607,000 car parking spaces, pointed out while charges have not changed since 2002, its car parks have evolved and improved over the years. It is also looking at implementing differentiated car park rates for non-residents who use HDB car parks, as well as residents who require multiple parking lots as they own more than one car.

URA, which manages 24,000 car park spaces, said that cost of managing and operating car parks have increased significantly over the years, citing that this is reflected in current fees charged by privately operated car parks, which are substantially higher. The aim of review is to “reduce the gap” between fees charged by public and private car parks.

The Straits Times have reported that before 2002, prices were also hiked in 1993 and 1989 – in all cases, the increase was over 10 per cent.

This review comes just two months after the ministries of National Development and Transport said in Parliament that parking prices might have to be raised if Singapore wants to head towards a “car-lite” society





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