SAF regular fined $2k for Driving Grabhitch

A SAF Staff Sergeant has been made an example by the SAF for moonlighting. The screenshot of this disciplinary case is wildly circulating on the internet.

Hitch Gone Wrong 

The GrabHitch Driver ferried a rider by the name of Ms. Danielle Goh from 5 Simon Road to Blk 405A Fernvale Lane. The driver received payment of $3.50 for the trip. After the trip, the rider decided to email MINDEF and feedbacked that the Driver was a regular serviceman who was moonlighting as a GrabHitch Driver. She added that the driver was in Army uniform at the time of the trip.

An investigation was initiated against the errant serviceman and he was found to have completed a total of 140 GrabHitch trips between Oct 2016 to March 2017. He had received $1129 as remunerations for his effort.


The Staff Sergeant was fined a hefty $2,000 in lieu of 2 weeks detention for driving the popular Grabhitch Social carpooling service.

There are strict regulations governing military personnel and civil servants with regards to Moonlighting.

Stupid mistake hefty price 

This case would never have sufficed if the GrabHitch Driver was in civilian attire instead of his uniform. A moment of folly led to a lifetime of regrets.

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