What is Grabhitch vs Grabshare Carpooling

Availability on Demand

As GrabHitch is a social carpooling service, you are not guaranteed to get a driver who will accept your trip request and send you to your destination. There is also another version called Grabhitch on the go

The driver of the GrabHitch service will choose from the list of GrabHitch request that best fits their own route.

If nobody is taking a similar route with you, then you will need to explore other choices such as GrabShare or GrabCar or UberX

GrabShare rides are driven by professional drivers and will take you to wherever you want to whenever you request for them.

Commercial CarPooling vs Social CarPooling

Social CarPooling (GrabHitch) is driven by non-professional daily driver who wants to reduce their carbon footprint of our earth by offering a lift to those travelling the same direction.

Commercial CarPooling (GrabShare) is provided for by your professional GrabCar


GrabHitch allows advance booking up to 7 days in advance. As there is no guaranteed availability on demand, booking early allow more GrabHitch drivers to see the request and increase your chances of being picked-up by a GrabHitch driver.

GrabHitch allows booking of up to 4 seats per request.

GrabShare is an on-demand service and does not allow advance booking. The GrabShare vehicle may appear anytime after accepting your request. Always be ready to board !

GrabShare allows booking of up to only 2



seats per request. The GrabShare driver will strictly take 2 passengers per booking only and will ask you to cancel the trip and rebook as GrabCar if there are 3 passengers in a booking.

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Fare comparison

Be it there is a thunderstorm plus MRT breakdowns creating a sky-high demand for vehicles, fare does not change on GrabHitch. GrabHitch’s fixed prices all day long. All fare is final on GrabHitch and passengers do not need pay additional ERP charges.

GrabShare allows savings of up to 30% when you decide to share your ride instead of having it all on your own with GrabCar.

Both GrabShare and GrabCar prices are fixed but they fluctuate when demand is high. GrabShare adopts GrabCar’s current pricing and then takes about 30% off the fare. Thus, expect higher prices during the peak hours.

GrabHitch seems like the better deal ! Who needs GrabShare then ?

Everything seems perfect on GrabHitch ! Lower fare, advanced booking and all inclusive fixed fare makes it a clear winner over GrabShare.

However, if you have read carefully, it is a

Grabshare vs Grabhitch

social carpooling service which means you may not be able to enjoy the service everytime you book.

The power to choose lies in the hands of the drivers and they decide if they want to offer you a ride. These GrabHitch drivers are not employees or even independent contractors of Grab, thus they have no obligation or quota to offer trips to riders.

GrabHitch allows drivers to have control of the route and the number of passenger they want to accept. If luck isn’t being kind to you, the driver may drop off a few different stops before alighting you eventually.

As this is a non-profit social car-pooling platform, a favourite pastime that Singaporeans love to do would also not be available. Complain ! If you have an issue with the rider/driver, be prepared to resolve it yourself.

Do not expect anything more than a ride from GrabHitch drivers, they are doing it for a token of appreciation instead of a revenue stream.

Be nice to your GrabHitch Drivers, you need them more than they need you.

Don’t worry, if it does not work out with the GrabHitch Drivers, your professional GrabCar & GrabShare drivers will always be there for you !

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