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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Time to say goodbye

Rider Complains on frequent Gojek Cancellation

A Rider posted on on Complaint Singapore Facebook page about she encountered 4 cancellations from Gojek. She shared one of the cancellation and the reason...

Go-Jek Driver attempt to shame rider backfires and apologises

The latest dispute between private-hire driver and riders has gone viral. The dispute is between a Go-Jek driver and an elderly couple over a...

Ryde Driver curse rider’s child to die after cancelling trip

A Ryde rider has shared a screenshot of a recent unpleasant encounter with a Ryde Driver. Based on the accounts of the rider, the Ryde...

The Excuses that Uber/Grab Drivers make everyday

Human beings are always creative when they need to find an excuse to justify their actions. Many acquire this skill set during their time...

Grab suspends Driver over a lost water bottle

In a widely circulating screenshot. A Grab driver shared how he was suspended after a rider accidentally left a water bottle behind in his...

5 problems Private-hire Drivers face everday

Private-hire Drivers experience all kind of people on the road everyday. Here are the Top 5 problems encountered on a daily basis. Overload Riders assume that they...

Uber scores at the expense of its Driver

On 7th October 2017, Singapore experienced one of its greatest MRT meltdowns breakdowns ever. Water had seeped into the tunnels and affected 13 stations on...

Private-hire Drivers pay 8X more tax than Taxi Drivers

The recent report that IRAS is working with Uber and Grab to ensure private-hire driver pay taxes. It has caused widespread unhappiness among the private-hire...

10 Things that GrabHitch Riders do that pissed off GrabHitch Drivers

10. Cash Payment - Prepare the right amount of fare or better still pay for your trip using GrabPay. GrabHitch Drivers are not your...

SAF regular fined $2k for Driving Grabhitch

A SAF Staff Sergeant has been made an example by the SAF for moonlighting. The screenshot of this disciplinary case is wildly circulating on the...
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