Secondary student scam Uber Uncle fare

Scam alert for all private-hire drivers driving for Uber and Grab. 

Translated and narrated by Uncle Sam who shared his encounter with this secondary school student who did not pay him for the Uber trip.


Received a call at Holland Close yesterday morning. The address was only Holland Close without any block number.
I was going to call the rider to check the block number when I received SMS from him.

“Blk 31 Holland Close, by the side of the clinic, thank you”

I was quite glad to see the message and furthermore still ended off with a thank you.

When I reached the pick-up, rider was already waiting there. He was in all white school uniform.

Uber Driver – “Good Morning, you are going to XXX Secondary School ?”

Rider – “Morning Uncle, yes correct”

I asked him to fasten seat belt and moved towards his destination.
The destination was not too far away, about 15mins drive away.
During the journey, rider didn’t talk and I also did not try to make small talk as some people prefer to have some peace in the morning.

When we were turning into his school, rider suddenly said “Shit”.

Uber Driver – “What happened? This is the correct turn right? ” I panickly asked the rider if I had turned wrongly thats why he said Shit suddenly.

Rider – “Uncle, I can only pay in cash is it” he suddenly asked

Uber Driver – “Yes, you chose cash payment for this trip, cannot change to credit card” I replied. At this point very sian already cos I know this guy never bring enough money and there is no ATM nearby also”

Rider – “Uncle, I just now rush out then forget to take money, I pay you tonight can?, you come my house collect the $12 from my parents anytime tonight”

At that point, I was already at the drop off point of the school and already kena horn as I was holding up traffic behind me. I was feeling frustrated and helpless to encounter this type of thing early in the morning.

Uber Driver – “Ok, give me your phone number, I call you to arrange”

Rider – “Uncle you have my number mah, just now I message you”

Luckily my mind was clear and remembered that the number was a messaging number for both Uber rider to communicate with driver. Once the trip end, the number becomes useless.

Uber Driver – “The number doesn’t work, it is a central messaging number. give me your number”

Rider – “9X25XXXX”

Uber Driver – “You wait, I call you now”

Luckily the phone rang and I told him to go as the cars behind were horning and the guard was asking me to move.

I moved on to my next trip and kept thinking about this trip.
If I had let him smoke me that I have his number and drove off, I would probably never been able to find him to collect back my fare.

It is so troublesome that I have to go all the way back to Holland tonight but hopefully I can get back my deserved fare!
Maybe some driver will think too troublesome and forget about the fare especially $12 is not alot of money to them and driving back all the way is a waste of time and petrol. Please share the story to be careful of these scheming fare cheat who tries to prey on these weak spots.

Have you encountered any fare cheats during your driving time? Share it with us to protect your fellow driving buddies


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