Singapore preparing to hit back at Malaysia’s discriminatory road charge on Singapore-registered vehicles

Starting 1 November 2016, all foreign registered private vehicles, will be subjected to additional road charge of RM20 ($6.60) when they enter Johor Bahru with the exception of foreign registered motorcycles.

Before 1 November 2016,

From 1 November 2016, the new road charge will be implemented

All tolls and road charge are payable by Touch n Go card only.

A trip to Johor Bahru now will set back close to $19 in toll alone for Singapore-registered vehicles.


Malaysia has also decided to raise its fuel prices for the second straight month. RON 97 grade petrol will see an increase of RM0.15 per litre and selling at RM2.30 per litre.


Is it still feasible for Singaporeans to go to Johor Bahru to pump petrol and buy groceries weekly?

Singapore to react to the ‘discriminatory’ road charge

Singapore’s Ministry of Transport has labelled the road charge as ‘discriminatory’ and is is considering matching it in some form against foreign registered vehicles entering Singapore.

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