The new Uber Partner app will monitor your driving behaviour soon

In a most recent video uploaded by Uber, they showcased the future driver app upgrade that will track your driving behaviour.

The app upgrade will make use of 3 smartphone sensors, namely GPS, accelerometer and Gyroscope, to track your location, speed and driving behaviour.

How much information can they get from just a smartphone?

If your phone is not docked to a phone holder and you are moving your phone about to catch Pokemon, the Gyroscope feature in your smartphone will detect the movement and prompt you.

When you decide to go on a Uberathon and drives 18 hours straight, your smartphone becomes your doctor and prompt you to take a break.

images source – Uber

The accelerometer and gyroscope works togethers on your smartphone to analyse and record down your driving behaviour and pattern. Hard acceleration, jam-breaks etc will all be detected.


The Good – With the new tracking system, it may solve the problem of driver’s words vs rider’s words. Uber will know if there is any truth if the rider complained of unsafe driving.

It may also be just a matter of time where the new system be used as a reference for Uber to reward or penalise the drivers based on driving behaviour. Drivers who accumulate good ratings for their driving may get bonus incentives while drivers who has poor driving practices may get suspended or removed from the system. Once the new system is in place to evaluate drivers, it can help in eradicating unsafe and inexperienced drivers and in turn raising the industry standards

The Bad – Let’s face it – Nobody likes to be micro-managed. Uber may be tracking too much information that may be uncomfortable for drivers. And if, as predicted, driving stats are taken into account in rewarding or penalising drivers, it will pose a higher barrier for drivers to achieve incentives.

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