Uber driver attacked by Ang Mo at Boat Quay

Uber/Grab assault

4 March 2017

Uber driver was provoked and attacked by Caucasian man at Boat Quay. This is another case of unprovoked assault that our Uber/Grab partners have met.

Story from Facebook

Dear UG Drivers, take note of this Caucasian man in white shirt and blue jeans. I was dropping off a rider at Boat Quay and was driving off when I passed by this fella.

As my car was passing by, he kicked the car causing a dent.

I stopped the car and confronted him and that’s when he throw a punch at me causing a cut near the eye. He then walked away and I went back to the car to stop the bleeding. I then proceed to call the Police and while I was dialing, he came back and throw another punch at me from behind causing a 2nd cut.

Thanks to the UG bros who came down to assist, managed to hand this guy to the Police for volunteering causing hurt as he tried to leave on a vehicle. I will be pursuing this matter further as I required stitches and there’s damage on my car. This guy is a FT for sure as I saw him hand over his work permit card to the officer. The rest of the work, I let you guys csi him. His name is James.

Thank you all the bros who came down to assist. You guys are awesome!

Uber driver assaulted in Singapore
image – Uber and Grabcar SG Facebook group

Transport operators like Uber/Grab drivers and taxi-drivers are at higher risk of getting assaulted these days especially when they pick-up drunk passengers from nightlife places such as Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Dempsey.

Lets share this vicious attack by this Ang Moh and gain awareness that greater protection should be levied on all transport operators.

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