Uber Driver killed limping aunty at Hougang

Uber hougang accident

A 62 year-old Uber driver has been fined $7000 and banned from driving for 5 years after he knocked down a limping aunty at Hougang Avenue 8 on November 7 2016.

The aunty was pronounced dead the following day.

The court had ruled that the driver had failed to keep a proper lookout when he knocked the 62 year old woman at a pedestrian crossing.

The Uber driver was ferrying a passenger in a Toyota private-hire car. The stretch of road on Hougang Avenue 8 that he was driving on was painted red to indicate it was a school crossing zone and drivers should reduce their speed and look out for pedestrian.

When he approached the pedestrian crossing in the right lane, Madam Ng, 60, who was walking with a limp, was crossing the road despite the “red man” pedestrian signal. She had almost crossed 2 lanes and was steps away from reaching the centre divider when she was hit by the private-hire car.

She suffered severe injuries from the impact and died from the injuries the following day.

During his plea in court, the Uber driver said in his defence that he felt extremely guilty for causing the death of Mdm Ng and that he had learnt a “grave” lesson.

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