Uber Driver tried to show off how he pissed rider off but got roasted instead

Uber Driver shared how he punished an UberPool rider by turning off the air-con on a trip when Rider requested to have it turned up.

The Driver even attempted to stir racial hatred towards a particular group of Riders by insinuating the name of the rider.

Just as he thought he would gather the support of the Uber / Grab Driver Community and become a hero for his actions, the community got together and roasted him !

Instead of getting support from fellow Uber/Grab Drivers in the community, they roasted him !

Thumbs up Uber / Grab Drivers who roasted this rogue Driver who seek to tarnish the image of the industry.


Most Uber / Grab Drivers take pride in providing excellent customer service to their Riders. We have no space for rogue Drivers like this !

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