Uber introduce Rider Compliments system for Drivers

Sometimes, Uber Drivers goes all out to provide a great service but rider cannot reciprocate the love enough by just giving a 5-star rating.

Riders hate themselves every single day of their life after they gave the 5-star rating.

Fret not, Uber has launchd a new Uber Compliment system, solving the problem for rider who are unable to show enough love and appreciation just by giving a 5-star rating

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What are the Compliment Badges that Driver can acheive

  • Neat and Tidy
  • Excellent Service
  • Above and Beyond
  • Awesome Music
  • Cool Car
  • Entertaining Driver
  • Expert Navigation
  • Great Amenities
  • Great Conversation

Will Uber be rewarding Drivers who achieve all the badges? They certainly should !

Go check your phone now and see what badges have you achieved and Stay tuned for updates

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