Uber New Year Eve Ride Guide

You go to a New Year Eve Party welcoming 2016 with your friends and family. Uber has just released the below guidelines in getting a ride.

Peak Hours: To avoid the surge, book a ride in 1st January 2016, yes, right after midnight. peak period to avoid 12.30am to 4am. either you leave the party early or you stay at the party till its closer to dawn.

Price: As there is a chance you will encounter Surge, please check the price with the app.

Fare Split: One great feature of Uber is its fare split. If you are sharing a ride with your friends or family, you can split the fare easily without even using a calculator.

Confirm your Driver: You might be pretty drunk if you are drinking, make sure you confirm the driver and car plate number before hopping into the car,

Safety advice: Do let others know when you have reach home safely.

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful party! Happy new year 2016!

Source: Uber

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