10 types of Uber/Grab Drivers in Singapore


Uber and Grab car drivers are plenty nowadays and the beauty of the industry is that almost anyone from any walks of life can start driving!

Here are our 10 types of drivers you meet on the roads

1. The salesman

He has a business and you can be a potential investor! He might make small talk with you on what you do for a living but it’s only so he can present to you his health products, properties, investment products or business plan. He’s a DJ, motivational speaker, consultant, property agent, actor, cabin crew, insurance agent, tour guide and football star.

2. The news reporter

He is your mobile Channel News Asia analyst. You will get updates of everything bad that has been going on in Singapore coupled with colourful one-sided analysis. Topics can range from CPF, COEs, to MRT breakdowns – all because 70% of people voted for the current government.

3. The ‘Foreign talent’

Don’t be surprised if someone greets you ‘你好’,’Vaṇakkam’ or ‘Magandang Umaga’ on your next Uber/Grab trip. You got it right, our new PR and citizens are becoming your Uber/Grab driver these days and they are legally allowed to drive as Uber and Grab driver. Check out our “How to be Uber/Grab” driver” guide.

4. The boy/girl next door

Fancy having a Song Joong-ki or Selena Gomez look-a-like drive you on your next Uber/Grab trip? Chances are high as Uber/Grab drivers are generally younger as anyone aged 21 and above can start driving. Many students doing their tertiary education are leasing a car to shuttle between school and home while making money on the side by driving for Uber/Grab.

5. The full time mummy

The full-time mummy turns into your Uber/Grab driver after sending daddy and children to school. Armed with a pair of sunglasses and an additional pair of sleeves to protect their arms from the harsh afternoon sun, this lady ferries you around as if you were her own child. The mummy’s instinct is ever present – Have you had your meal? Weather is hot, drink more water!  and no matter how old you are, they will always call you ah boy and ah girl.

6. The robot

He is a ‘man of no words’. At some point in time during the journey, you wonder whether the person behind the wheel is a warm body. This driver doesn’t miss a turn, doesn’t jam the breaks and arrives in exactly 14mins and 25 secs as projected by google maps. Probably the closest thing you can get to a self-driving car.

7. The Ritz -Carlton experience

He is dressed up in a crisped white shirt and black pants. He greets you by your name outside the car and opens the door you. When you are in the car, there is bottled water, fresh mint, phone charger for all brands of mobile phones and the latest newspapers. He asks you whether the air-conditioning is just right, what your music preference is and whether his driving style suits you . He will drop you right at your apartment’s doorstep if he could drive up 50 storeys.

8. The ‘ask-hole’

This driver literally leaves no stone unturned as he goes all the way when it comes to small talk. They are not interested about anything but you. They want to know what your exact plan is for the evening, the day after, the week after and the next month. They ask about everything you plan to do -“Where you headed to?” “What’s happening there?” “Meeting your boyfriend?” “Had a good time?” The only consolation is that he is not pointing a spotlight in your face.

9. The Pilot

You requested for UberX and your driver turn up in a Toyota with a Boeing 747 dashboard. There is a tablet for Uber, one for Grab, one phone for personal use, one phone for business use, standalone GPS and probably even a karaoke system. Welcome to first class travel!

Uber and Grabcar Singapore

10. The lost sheep

Your address on the app doesn’t matter when it comes to this driver as you will still receive a call asking for your location. After 15 minutes or so, you will receive another call asking for more help getting to your pick up point. He will ask if you are the big tall guy, small little boy or granddad with his walking stick even though your profile name shows Samantha. Then, he’ll ask if you can see him. You will probably see this driver zoom past you and then slamming the brakes – only after noticing your frantic waving and screams.

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