5 reason why Drivers still driving for Uber/Grab

You may have heard it before or you are one of those who have been encouraging others to throw key and stop driving private-hire for Uber and Grab.

With so much negativity surrounding private-hire, why are many drivers still ‘slaving’ away for Uber/Grab in Singapore.

We explore the Top 5 reasons

Stuck with a lengthy rental contract

Many new drivers were attracted and sucked in by the lure of brand new cars and high rental rebates. The catch ? Long 6 to 12 months contracts that they have problem fulfilling.

The news media also painted a high earning potential by driving private-hire, featuring grab driver who earned $7400 a month.

Many new drivers suffered as they were not experienced with driving and understanding how the system work to make the most money.

A taxi-driver turned Grab driver earned $25-$26k in a month !

Despite all the claims that Uber/Grab pays that peanuts, peanuts is the best they can get now

Many of the private-hire drivers do not have a better alternative. Many of them are stuck in jobs that pays them $1.5k to $3k a month, an amount that can be easily earned by driving private-hire.

Who would want to drive private-hire full time if they can earn $5k and above with CPF contributions and benefits.

So to those drivers complaining that they cant make money, ask yourself if you have the capabilities to earn more doing other jobs.

Flexibility of driving beats having a fixed schedule

A large percentage of private-hire drivers are part-timers. Uber’s Singapore General Manager said that “over 50% of our drivers are doing less than 10 hours a week”.
Many of these part-timers are made up of people such as property agents, insurance agents, small business owner and retirees.

Many property, insurance agents and start-up owner struggle for cash flow in the early stages of their business. Driving private-hire allows them flexibility to make money by driving when they have free time from their businesses. Flexibility is crucial as their main focus is still on their primary business.

Being your own boss vs being a worker

No jobs is perfect and there is always something that you can find in your job to complain about.

Being a private-hire is being your own boss. It is true that you have to put up with rider’s bullshit at times but it is still your choice if you want to ask the rider to get out and cancel the trip.

Being a worker, you have got to put up with shit from everybody. Everybody include your boss, your supervisor, your worker, the customer etc…. AND there is no cancel function available to you if you cannot tahan them.

Your earnings potential is uncapped

There is no maximum amount you can earn driving private-hire. The more you drive, the more you can earn

With surge pricing and weekly incentive from Uber/Grab , there is no reason why Drivers cannot make money.

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