5 reasons why Uber Drivers hate UberPool

Uber Drivers hate UberPool simply. The list of complaints we see is endless and we compile the top 5 reasons why Drivers hate UberPool

UberPool riders do not understand what they are in for

The list of common UberPool problem created by Rider

  • Upset when there is pick-up for the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th rider
  • Appear with 3 riders
  • Wants to change destination / additional drop off
  • Couple with baby insist that baby do not count as 3rd rider and therefore they are not in the wrong
  • Waiting time for UberPool is a maximum of 2 minutes and some still take their own sweet time to appear at pick-up, total disregard of driver and other riders time when they have to wait for these late-comers

When you reject riders who do flout UberPool, they will always say their famous line

Driving more for less money

  • UberPool can be up to 30% cheaper than a standard UberX ride
  • Uber takes a ridiculously high commission of 30 %
  • Extra time and distance to pick-up rider not factored in

UberPool is an unwanted distraction on the road

  • Instead of focusing on driving rider from point A to B, Drivers have to stay alert to any new UberPool request that come in. The new UberPool auto accept feature launched in 2017 makes it worse as Drivers do not have an option to reject the next request.
  • Many instances, road users witness private-hire vehicles making last minute change in direction and illegal u-turns.

Tension and argument between Riders

  • Frustration can be all-time high in many situations such as 1st rider that got in became the last rider to get out after dropping off 2 other riders. You can sense the volcano that is ready to erupt
  • Drivers are required to follow the drop-off sequence on the Uber Partner App. The system is not perfect and when it is not, riders argue with the driver and other riders who should be drop off first.

In any argument situation, the biggest loser would be the Driver as most unreasonable pool riders who blame it on the Driver

Drivers’ Ratings at risk

When all of the situation above adds up, there is usually one way Rider will punish UberPool Drivers. They leave a biased low rating for the Drivers.

How does a low rating affect Drivers

  • Consistent low ratings may result in removal from the Uber system
  • Drivers competing for the weekly top 50 rated drivers will be dragged down by the low ratings
  • Some riders who are obsessed with Driver’s ratings will cancel on drivers with low ratings as they are worried with trip safety and Driver’s attitude.

Opting out of UberPool is not an option. Driver will just have to lan lan suck thumb and drive if they want to remain on the Uber platform since there is an increasing number of riders.

What do you think about UberPOOL ? What are your experience and how do you think it can be improved ? 

Let Rider know the pain that Driver go through on a UberPool trip

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