Grab suspends Driver over a lost water bottle

In a widely circulating screenshot. A Grab driver shared how he was suspended after a rider accidentally left a water bottle behind in his vehicle.

In the email, the customer service officer at Grab explained that rider had left behind a water bottle.

They tried to contact the Grab driver but the driver did not answer the call.

The customer service officer then decided to suspend the Grab driver account to get his immediate attention.

Malaysia Boleh

For those with a sharp eye for detail, you would have been pleasantly relieved to know that this happened in our neighbouring Malaysia.

Singapore also Boleh?

Some private-hire drivers also shared with us their experience of being temporarily suspended by the companies for similar lost and found item issue. It was only after they contacted and returned the item that their suspension was lifted.

What could they have done?

The customer service officer should never have suspended the driver account even though the driver was uncontactable.

Firstly, it was not the driver’s fault that a water bottle was left behind. Secondly, the rider’s claim may not be true and Grab should never assume that rider is right. Thirdly, drivers are incurring costs to earn a living on the road and should not be slapped with a sudden suspension for something that they are not at fault.

Grab is also coming down hard on drivers who do not accept the trips that they are assigned.

What should Drivers do when there is a lost and found

Drivers should return the item to Uber of Grab office when they discover a lost item. Any delay or becoming uncontactable carries a risk of being temporarily suspended until the item is returned.

At times, the company will connect you to the rider directly and make arrangements for the return. Most riders would leave a tip for the efforts but do not assume that all of them will.

Drivers are advised to do a quick visual check after rider alight from the vehicle for any item left behind. Do a quick check can save much precious time and petrol from the returning trip.

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