Rider Complains on frequent Gojek Cancellation

Time to say goodbye

A Rider posted on on Complaint Singapore Facebook page about she encountered 4 cancellations from Gojek.

She shared one of the cancellation and the reason from the Driver is definitely frustrating for the rider

The rider book a ride, Gojek accepted. Then the Driver messaged the rider and said he is on 30 Minutes toilet break and advised the Rider to rebook. Honestly, who is on a 30 minutes toilet break, even someone with a weak bladder wont need so long.

Rider is not willing to cancel and insist the driver should cancel the booking otherwise rider is going to report to gojek.

which the driver is not afraid and said the rider should go ahead and report about this incident

So it goes on, Rider unwilling to cancel and they are just waiting for 1 side to give up and cancel the booking. Then the Driver told the rider that he answers to the nature first and not to the Rider booking.

Situation like this can be prevented if the driver shows more professionalism and off his apps before going for an extended break. so he wont be accepting the pick up which cause unnecessary frustration to the rider.

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