Important Driver Update on GrabHitch 2017

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It has been an eventful few months for our GrabHitch community.

There were the cases of GrabHitch riders getting bitten by the Driver’s dog, Chinese driver pulling the panties of the rider to prevent her from leaving the car and driver refusing to pick up a rider due to her ethnic group.

In order to restore some law and order, Grab has updated its latest code of conduct for all GrabHitch drivers to abide by. All GrabHitch Drivers are required to acknowledge the email.

We know that no Driver would read it, so we summarise the key-pointers for you to take note.

Driver Behaviour 

  • Any gaming or fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited and subjected to disciplinary action.
    Do not attempt to self-book for incentive purposes. The system is powerful and ‘experienced’ enough to detect any fraudulent activities
  • Protect your Hitch Riders’ privacy by not revealing any personal particular including name and contact number in the public space including your own social media platforms. This is a violation of the Personal Data Protection Act. Contacting your Hitch Riders without permission for matters unrelated to the ride is prohibited and may be constituted as harassment.
  • Do not resort to the use of vulgarities or rude behaviour in cases of dispute.
    Contact Grab immediately or the Police if the situation gets out of hand.
  • Abide to the standard traffic rules as reckless driving endangers lives including your own.
    If you have gone drinking on a Friday night, you should not be driving and definitely you are not in a position to provide a GrabHitch ride.

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GrabHitch Drivers FAQs

  • Drivers are allowed to accept multiple GrabHitch bookings per trip under the GrabHitch application only, should passenger routes be convenient.
  • You shall not refuse to provide services based on a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under law. This type of behavior can result in termination of user access to the GrabHitch platform.
  • In the event your passenger leaves behind his/her belongings in your vehicle, you are required to return it to the passenger urgently or through the Company’s Customer Service.
  • Drivers are required to inform the passenger in advance if there are other passengers sharing the ride. You are encouraged to confirm with your passenger the number of people expected, timing and location of the pick-up to prevent any miscommunication. Some passengers may not be comfortable with the idea of sharing.
  • Do not solicit passengers to make personal or extra booking arrangements, or tout for passengers from a road, parking space or a public stand. This is against the Law and goes against our principle of recommending the best vehicle incidental to all commuters’ travel plans.
  • With regard to visually impaired passengers who are accompanied by their guide dogs, you are encouraged to accept such bookings. If the presence of a guide dog may affect cause potential conflict with your religious beliefs, avoid taking it to prevent any potential conflict.
  • To preserve the quality of the experience in a ride-sharing environment, you should refrain from carrying any animals as it may put your passenger in distress. If carrying an animal is unavoidable, you shall keep the animal properly muzzled and restrained and keep the passenger informed once you have accepted the booking.
  • Passengers are entitled to bring other friends, colleagues, family members with them during their journey, as long as there is sufficient space within the driver’s vehicle. No additional fee should be charged by the driver for this service as fares are per booking. Drivers have the right to refuse the booking if they have arranged multiple bookings and therefore cannot accommodate the additional passengers.
  • Do not end the trip before providing the ride as this may be considered as fraud.

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Information source – Grab Singapore

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