Inspection centre charged Private-Hire Car for Decal Inspection

Dear Firstlane,

Please share with the rest of the community how messed up this Private-Hire system is.

I installed the Private-Hire Decal at Vicom on 4th of July 2017 after I collected my car and paid the standard $20 decal installation fee. After the decal has been installed, I uploaded all the information to Uber and Grab and started driving within the day.

Yesterday on the 15th July 2017, my car was due for annual inspection and I went to Vicom @ Kaki Bukit to get it done.

I paid through the self-help machine the inspection fee of $62.06 and waited in line.

When it was my car’s turn to be inspected, the inspection officer took my receipt and told me that I need to pay an additional $10.70 because mine is a private-hire car and they must inspect the decal.


He explained that ALL Private-Hire vehicles are required to pay for decal inspection of $10.70 (including GST) during their vehicle inspection.

“But I just installed the decal 11 days ago at the same place le Brudder !”

“Bro, this $10.70 not I collect one. It is the upstairs asked to collect one le”

So I did what all Singaporeans do best, not complain but LLST. Lan Lan Suck Thumb

Inspection of decal

My 1st time paying for a special inspection of my car’s decal. So the inspection officer brought out the latest state-of-the-art equipment and scan through the decal thoroughly for any sign of tampering.

The state-of-the-art equipment is also well-known in Singapore. It is called Eye-Power. It completes the scanning of the decal in less than 1 minute.

See what happens when tamper-proof Private-Hire Decal is removed

So to all my Private-Hire brothers who use their own car for Uber/Grab, remember to bring extra $10.70 to contribute to our garmen


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