Part 2 of Uber’s promise to improve experience and earnings in 90 days

Uber 90 Days of Change

Uber announced a 3-month initiative to make the overall driving experience for drivers better. The first initiative was rolled out in November 2017 and subsequently in December and January.

In November, Uber focus was on improving flexibility for Uber Partner Drivers. They introduced various improvements to the Uber Partner App, with an objective to allow greater driving flexibility for drivers.

Part 2 - Improving Experience - Made Better By You, For You

For the month of December, the focus is on Experience.

Better Support 

Fairer Support Policies

Uber has revamped their support policies to be more open and fair to everyone. They have increased the lost and found token fee from $5 to $10. Cleaning fee cap for UberX increased to $75, improved cancellation fee policy and also a parking fee reimbursement.

Priority Support

Priority support will be awarded to loyal Uber Drivers. Selected drivers for the program can expect lesser waiting time as they will be given priority support for in-app, phone and other Uberhub support channels. This privilege program will only be given to selected drivers. Drivers who always complain that Uber do no take care of the old bird, here is your chance to receive the priviliged treatment.

24/7 Phone and Weekend UberHub Support 

Got a problem with your trip or app? Call Uber phone support hotline anytime of the day. Operating hours at UberHub has also been extended to full-day on Saturdays.

Better App

Share Trip Feature

Drivers can now keep their family and friends in the loop of their location with the share trip feature. A safety feature that will come in useful for wives tracking their husband’s whereabouts.

Fare Rounding

Cash trip can be a pain for both drivers and riders on the Uber platform as the fares are calculated to the nearest ten cents. Drivers can either choose to keep a lot of loose change or many will just round down to the nearest dollar and absorb the difference themselves.All this is about to change. Stay tuned

Improved ERP toll detection

Missing ERP toll was a big problem 1 to 2 years ago. The number of missing toll has decreased significantly since then.

Driver Profiles, Achievement Badges and Rider Compliments

Drivers will each have a wall of fame. Riders can leave drivers a compliment and an achievement badge for their work well done. Though there is no monetary benefit, appreciation from riders is always welcome.

Better Perks

Birthday Surprise

Uber wants to surprise you on your birthday! What can it be? All day 2.0X boost for all trips on your birthday? Zero percent commission for your birthday? The wishlist goes on…..

Discounted Car Wash

Keep your car clean and give it a wash. Uber has partnered 10 car wash outlets to offer special $10 car wash and interior vacuum for all Drivers. Uber will also reimburse you $5 if you are the first 200 to submit the receipt.

5-Star weekly rewards

The 5-star weekly rewards have been ongoing for some time. If you are not aware, you are probably not one of the weekly top 100. The top 100 Drivers will be given a $50 reward for good service.

Better Earnings in January 2018

Good things are always left for the last.

Uber will be announcing part 3 of changes in January 2018 and it will relate to Driver’s Earnings. Stay tuned with Firstlane and follow us on Facebook for the latest update.

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