What is Uber Partner hotline number

The introduction of the dedicated driver hotline is essential to support the growing number of Uber Drivers in Singapore.

It gives Drivers a peace of mind, knowing they have an avenue to seek immediate support. Uber has launched a 24/7 support hotline for Uber Partners only. The line is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The next time you encounter issues, you know the number to call for immediate response.

Quick Question – I’m a Driver and also a Rider. I have an issue with my fare/driver when I took a trip just now, can I call and complain?
Ans.: No, this Uber Hotline is reserved for Driver Partners only. Use the Rider app and submit your issues accordingly

Some of the things you can call the hotline for –

  1. Lion City Rental (LCR) related matters
  2. Driver App issues: support on How to use the Uber Driver Partner App
  3. Report an accident on a Uber trip
  4. Trip related issues
  5. Payments, latest incentives and when will you receive payment issues
  6. Emergency
  7. Activate your Z10 registered vehicle on Uber

Uber Hotline
Toll Free Number – 800-101-3611
Local number – 3158-4255

Grab has also recently updated their 24/7 hotline number or read up uber vs grab, who pays better

The Uber Partner hotline is only to cater to the needs of driver only. Uber Riders will not be served on this dedicated Uber Partner hotline. They can choose to use their app to feedback to Uber or share their experience with Firstlane HERE.

Unable to get through the hotline or been put on hold for too long? Find you answers in our Uber Driver FAQs