Uber’s promise to improve experience and earnings in 90 days

Uber is committed to creating an improved experience driving for Uber in Singapore. Uber kicks off a 3-month campaign from November to January where they will focus on Flexibility, Experience and Earnings.

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In the month of November, Uber’s focus is on Flexibility for Uber Partner Drivers. They have officially pushed out the initiatives to be made available to all active drivers. There are 5 initiatives launched that were only previously available to selected drivers.

No acceptance requirements for incentives

Drivers are no longer required to achieve 80% acceptance rate to qualify for weekly incentives. Drivers are free to choose what trips they want to accept while driving their way to the weekly incentives.

Long Trip Notification

Be informed when the trip is going to take up some of your time. Drivers are now informed of long trips that will take up more than 30 minutes of time. The long trip feature can help the driver to plan their time and reject those long trips when they are intending to end their shift soon.

Destination trips count towards incentives

Clock a few trips and make some money while heading towards your destination. Drivers are entitled to use the destination trip feature twice a day and these trips count towards the incentive target. It was one of the first changes planned when Uber announced their 180 days of change program.

Arrival Time for Destination Trips

There is an additional feature that supports the destination trip function. Drivers can key in their desired arrival time to better ‘fine-tune’ the destination trips assigned to them.

Cancellation Timer

An in-app timer is activated when the driver arrives at the pick-up point. The driver will be notified when the rider exceeds the free waiting period and is eligible for a cancellation fee. The free wait period has also been reduced to the first 3 minutes. Riders will have to pay for waiting time if they are more than 3 minutes late for pick-up.

Making practical moves

Making changes for the better is a smart move by Uber. It is a long-term strategy that would benefit them in the long run. Their biggest competitor Grab is currently doing what Uber used to do best, which is to use funds to ‘buy’ both drivers and riders. They have been throwing out weekly rider promo code to increase ridership for a long time. They have also been actively recruiting Comfort Delgro taxi drivers by offering unbeatable deals in their Never Seen Before promotion for Comfort Delgro Taxi Drivers.

Stay tuned to Firstlane as we keep you updated with the second part of the changes that are going to be introduced in December 2017. Learn and see how these changes can improve your driving experience and increase your earnings.

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