Private-Hire and Carpooling from 16 May 2021

As Singapore will enter into phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from Sunday 16 May 2021, there will be changes to the private-hire and carpooling regulations.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has announced measures for point-to-point and vehicle services that will ensure that we adhere to the new safe management requirements.

Phase 2 Private-hire carpool
image – LTA Singapore

Carpooling services such as Grabhitch and Rydepool will not be allowed during Phase 2. All other private booking carpooling services are assumed to be disallowed such as those in Telegram chatgroups. The authorities took action against the rampant Telegram chat group offering carpooling services with more than 50,000 members back in 2020.

Appointments only for LTA Sin Ming Customer Service Centre

Motorists and vocational license holders must make prior appointments before visiting LTA Sin Ming Customer Service Centre. Most of the services are available online and users can do their transactions on the LTA One-Motoring website. There will be no walk-ins allowed at Sin Ming.

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Making Changes in Phase 2

Those who have been through circuit-breaker last year would know this is likely to be the same situation last year. Ridership would drop massively as eateries are closed for walk-ins and work-from-home becomes the default mode. Drivers MUST adapt their business to protect their earnings if they want to survive the next month.

Drive Safe and Stay Safe