Rider put feet on Uber Grab driver’s hand rest


Video recording between Uber/Grab driver and Rider

In the latest string of incidents involving Uber / Grab drivers and riders, a video recording between a Uber/Grab driver and a Indian FT has gone viral.

In the conversation, the Uber / Grab driver politely told the rider, who had taken off his shoes and placed his feet at the front passenger’s handrest, that it is unhygienic for other riders as it is a place where they put their hand on.

The rider shot back at the driver claiming it is such a stupid thing and he is wearing a clean pair of socks and his feet is clean. He also do not need the driver to tell him that people put their hand at the handrest.

The Uber / Grab driver kept his cool and tried to patiently convince the rider that it is inappropriate to put his feet there.

“How long did you wear the socks for” ? the driver asked.

“What a Stupid conversation ! Just keep quiet and drive ok ! Please don’t teach me about hygiene, you are the last person that I need to know about hygiene is from you”

“If you knew about hygiene, you wouldn’t have put it there” the driver retorted

“I would, you are so Stupid” the rider called out to the driver and both got into a messy verbal exchange.

Here come the roti-prata part

“I’m not putting my feet on the handrest, I have a clean pair of socks” as the rider started to flip his prata.

When the driver asked him how many days has he been wearing his ‘clean’ pair of socks, the rider replied arrogantly ” I don’t walk around on the road, I work in an air-conditioned office and if you want I can show you the type of house I live in. Then you will understand, unlike you, I don’t wear my socks for several days.

At this point, the Uber / Grab driver still managed to keep his cool and just wanted to end the sarcasm coming from the stinking feet mouth behind.

Well done Mr. Uber / Grab driver, whoever you are. We are proud of you standing up to these arrogant riders who belittle many of our Uber and Grab bros and sis.

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