Toyota Prius could be the Best Private Hire Car

The question that most new drivers ask Firstlane is what is the best car to drive as an Uber/Grab Driver.

Previously we have shortlisted the Best car to increase earnings and Top 10 Most popular Car.

A professional private-hire driver will clock anything between 200km to 400km on the road each day. Since the private-hire car is going to be a high mileage workhouse, it is important to choose the right car to minimize costs and in turn, maximize earnings.

Number 1 private-hire car

The Main criteria in choosing a car for private-hire usage are definitely cost and fuel-efficiency. The most significant cost of any Driver is the cost of the vehicle, be it you are using your own car or renting it. The maths is simple. You keep your cost down to maximize your profit.

Fuel efficiency

The Toyota Prius boasts a class-leading fuel efficiency between 20km/l to 25km/l. Some drivers have even proudly come out and show that they managed to clock up to 1000km per full tank.

Drivers often waste a significant amount of petrol when they are stuck in traffic. That is the reason why car makers have created hybrid and start-stop technology to reduce the wastage of petrol in these situations.

Comfort and Space

The Toyota Prius has a decent cabin space to fit 4 passengers comfortably and a boot space that can easily accommodate 2 pieces of big luggage.

Rental Price

The Toyota Prius is available for rental from as low as $58 per day (1-year contract) to $79 per day (5 weeks contract). Rental prices are after all rebates and promotions.

Who is this car made for

This car is made for private-hire service and is a popular choice not only in Singapore but also in many other countries.

According to market observers, almost 9 in 10 Toyota Prius is a registered as a private-hire car in Singapore. Keep a lookout for the blue decal for a day and you may not even find one Prius that is not a private-hire car after one day.

The reason is simple, it has a fuel-consumption that is at the top of its class.



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