Traffic Control in place on SIRS website

The Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme website is open for application again. There is a new queue system in place to better manage traffic control.

Surging on Day 1

image – NTUC

SIRS saw an overwhelming response on Monday 27 April 2020. It was the first day that the SIRS scheme opened up for application.

Many users complained that they were unable to access the site and had difficulties in submitting their applications on Monday.

Upgrade in Progress

NTUC posted an announcement on the website the following day.

SIRS website down
image – NTUC

It explained the connectivity issues that users faced. They will also look into implementing a queue system on the website to avoid further disruptions due to overwhelming traffic.

The New Queue System on Day 3 

The SIRS website is up again and you can submit your applications. However, there is a queue system in place and you have to ‘queue’ for your turn.

if the traffic is high, applicants will not be able to enter the application system until an applicant has completed and signed out. It is like a one-in-one-out system.

Image – NTUC

When the system is at full capacity, the following message will show. “The application system is currently at full capacity. Please back later. Thank you for your patience.”

Application is open between 9 am to 9 pm daily. Applicants for the SIRS scheme should check the eligibility criteria and prepare the documents required upfront.

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