Uber Rider called new Uber Driver a Dog and posted his details to shame


Dear Firstlane, This Uber rider just called the Driver a dog and posted his full details online after cancelling on him.

It was the Rider who cancelled on the poor Driver and not the other way round.

Yes, the story is too long-winded.

So we summarize it for you

  • Driver cannot find Rider pick-up location
  • Rider started calling Driver and both argued where to pick-up. Message Driver to pick him up at Bus Stop.
  • Rider decided not to wait anymore and flagged a cab down
  • Rider wrote this long winding story and posted the Driver details randomly on Uber Driver Facebook Group
  • Compares the Driver’s photo with that to a Dog. From the photo, driver looked like an elderly man around the age of 60
Above average Driver rating. Driving for 1 month

Cancelled on driver and posted personal details online, which is against the regulation

Instruction was to Pick-up at bus stop

What happened to the story

Rider post was removed shortly after people started to read about it but not before it was captured by a driver who contributed the story.

STOP Public Shaming of Drivers! Take your dispute to Uber/Grab/LTA, shaming Drivers publicly is a low-blow and more often than not, it backfires on riders themselves

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