Uber Vs Grab Vs Taxi – Which is cheaper ?

Grab Uber Infographic

Uber and Grab have disrupted the taxi-industry in Singapore. Consumers are exposed to more choices and taken advantage of the market-share war between Uber, Grab and Taxi Companies. If you are a driver please read up on private hire vs taxi, which is better to earn 

In a recent research done, all 3 services are compared to derive the best option in each country in SouthEast Asia.

Uber vs Grab vs Taxi in Singapore
The battle for the cheapest fare
Infographic source – ipricegroup

In Singapore, GrabCar has appeared to be the clear winner in both the 5km distance and 20km distance category.

For a 5km distance, the average Grabcar fare is $4.30 , Uber is at $5.60 and Taxi is at $7.  GrabCar is almost 23% cheaper on average compared to Uber and 38% cheaper than Taxis based on the research data.

Take the result with a pinch of salt

Although GrabCar appears to be the clear winner, the data may not be conclusive for you to make a decision on which service to choose.

Factors such as surge pricing, surcharges, promotions and availability of other services such as UberPool and GrabShare can affect the eventual choice of service.


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